With so much in the world temporarily closing down, and people staying at home due to the outbreak. Things will likely be slowing down a bit at the dealership. Spring time is usually a golden hour for car sales, though a pandemic doesn’t seem to be allowing for the usual increase in foot traffic, and test drives. Although this might seem like all bad news, there is still a slight silver lining, a sort of light at the end of the tunnel.. an opportunity to take advantage of.


Normal day to day operations, usually leaves little to no-time to revisit the current marketing strategy in place at your dealership. With everything currently going on, this is a perfect time to prepare for when everything goes “back to normal”, you can get ahead quicker, and scale like never before. Whether you just do the minimal amount to get by, or already have an effective marketing strategy in place, there is always room for improvement.


Steps to take:

Start with what works, and look into how to either multiply, or improve it. Find what’s not working, where are you currently losing money, and adjust that accordingly, or just cut it off completely. Finally, add something new. Many times we might try something with our marketing, see great results, and then religiously stick to that strategy without considering to do anything new. The beautiful thing with marketing is how so many things can work simultaneously. If you’re doing something that’s bringing you great results, then that’s great! Keep it up! Just don’t stop trying new things as well, because there’s always a way to do it better.


Looking for more?

If you really want to step up your marketing, and partner with some professionals, to create and manage a custom campaign for your dealership, providing unique cinematic level content, brand awareness, and direct conversions. Consider GroMarketing.io Specializing in working with automotive dealerships, GroMarketing knows how to build your brand to dominate in the industry, and make you relevant to everyone in your area. Call or Text (503) 710-7540 to talk to someone today.


In Conclusion:

Adjust your perspective during these hard times, to see this opportunity to revisit, reposition, and revamp your dealerships marketing strategy.