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not be used in children under 18 years old, except to treat specific serious infections, such as complicated

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It is very high in hyperplastic endometrium, but low in secretory endometrium and in samples of atrophic endometrium and in patients on oral contraceptives

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first trimester should take a daily supplement containing at least 400mcg (preferably 500mcg) of folic

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First a special butterfly was inserted, through which a sterile laser probe could be threaded and then attached

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SeeCrane identification of container ISO code as it is handled by a crane

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It's not a bad idea to test ALL your equipment before leaving home.

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But the right conclusion is not that the World and the English language are one and the same thing, rather the language was tailored to serve that purpose.

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Following the addition of one cup of flour add in two additional cups and stir in the mixture till the batter is smooth.

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